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Work From Home: How to stay active and effectve?

While most people are on quarantine due to this unstable situation, we have prepared some useful tips how to stay effective on remote working from home.

  1. Organize your working space. First, choose a part of your flat where you will work in comfort. The room should be light and comfortable. Make sure, you have all instruments needed.
  2. Follow your regular schedule. Staying at home makes us a little bit relaxed, so our family members, pets or even fridge can distract us from the tasks. Choose some reliable method of effective work, e.g. 25-minutes method. You work 25 minutes with high concentration on some task, then have a short rest and continue.
  3. Keep in touch with your colleagues staying online in chats and video calls. This continues to show that chatting or simple calls can be even more effective than those serious meetings at the office.
  4. Do not forget about your working hours. Finish work as usual and shift to your personal life. Spend your free time as before – have fun with family, do sports, call your parents or read a book.
  5. Take a chance of online learning. This is a good time to register for an online course. If you are in business – visit our course schedule page and find a good EDI webinar for your needs.

Do not forget to smile and enjoy every moment! Everything will be fine.

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