WPS EDI Express Enrollment Electronic Funds Transfer Guides

WPS EDI Express Enrollment is a comprehensive and secure website for providers to enroll in Electronic Funds Transfers. The Multi Factor Authentication is an additional form of security to safe guard your information. User Checklist User Checklist Be prepared with the following information before proceeding with the enrollment process.

  1. Information about two claims previously paid by WPS within the last 90 days.
  2. The two claims must have a positive paid amount and have been paid on separate payments
    • Claim Number
    • Claim Paid Amount
    • Claim Payment Date
    • Check/EFT Number of the Paid Claim.

User Responsibilities, Access, and Management

Every user must have their own User Login ID to adhere to privacy laws. Users cannot share their User Login ID. This means employers may not create a ‘Master’ login and have all employees share that account. Each user must have their own Login credentials.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

A requirement that provides an additional form of security to safe guard your information. When logging, you will be requested and enter a MFA Verification code that you will obtain using Google Authenticator. MFA Verification code is use of Google Authenticator. Google Authenticator is an application that implements two-step verification and is an app typically installed on a smart phone or PC. To use Google Authenticator, first download the app via Google Play or the App Store on your smart phone or download the Chrome Extension on your PC. Follow the steps on the app to download to your phone or PC. Once you have installed Google Authenticator to your phone or PC, use the application to scan the Bar Code or key in the Manual Entry Code (shown below). You will receive a Verification Code on your phone or PC. Enter that code in the Verification Code box and click ‘Verify Token’. Please note: the code must be entered within 30 seconds from the time it is displayed in the Authenticator app. The next time that you log into the portal, you will enter your User Login ID, Password. Obtain and enter a new authentication code using your Google Authenticator Application.

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