846 EDI Transaction

846 Inventory Advice


  • The 846 Inventory Advice transaction is used by .COM e-commerce retailers. The success of online retail is dependent on the ability to maintain accurate inventory numbers.
  • The 846 transaction set provides for the communication of a current in-stock quantity for each item/SKU.
  • As sales occur, the quantity ordered of each item/SKU is deducted from the available quantity online.
  • When the available quantity of an item/SKU drops below the tolerance quantity set for each item/SKU, the item/SKU is removed from the retailer’s online .com website.
  • The header segment of the 846 is the BIA segment: Beginning of Inventory Advice/Report
  • The second data element in the segment is the BIA-02 Report Type Code.
  • Here are some common report type codes used by online retailers such as Amazon.com, Wayfair, e-bag, Target.com and Wal-Mart:
    • SI Seller Inventory Report
    • PI Product Availability Inquiry
    • IP Inventory Parameter Report
    • MB Manufacturer/Distributor Inventory Report
  • Here is a complete list of codes indicating the title or contents of a document, report or supporting item
01 Product Transfer
02 Resale
03 Report Justifying Treatment Beyond Utilization Guidelines
04 Drugs Administered
05 Treatment Diagnosis
06 Initial Assessment
07 Functional Goals
Expected outcomes of rehabilitative services
08 Plan of Treatment
09 Progress Report
10 Continued Treatment
11 Chemical Analysis
12 Mechanical Properties
13 Certified Test Report
14 Core Loss Test Report
15 Justification for Admission
16 Western Region 01 (Internal Revenue Service Summary of line 31 on 1040)
17 Return From Tax Payer Report (Internal Revenue Service Summary)
18 Note Receivable
19 Credit Report
20 Process Plan
21 Recovery Plan
22 Functional Plan
23 Contractual Plan
24 Non-Contractual Plan
25 Purchase Plan
26 Production Plan
27 Contract Delivery Schedule
28 Master Delivery Schedule
29 Assembly Plan
30 Lead Time Chart
31 Master Schedule
32 Master Production Schedule
33 Manufacturing Flow Diagram
34 Lot Release Plan
35 Subcontractor Plan
36 Development Plan
37 Lease Agreement
38 Court Judgment
39 Lottery Winning Letter
40 Curb Side Inspection
41 Statistical Model
42 Interior and Exterior Inspection
43 Non-Inspection Report
44 Review Appraisal
45 Investor Guidelines
46 Sole Discretion Inspection
47 Brokers Price Opinion
48 Social Security Benefit Letter
49 Divorce Decree
50 Contract
51 Gift Letter
52 Will
53 Trust Agreement
54 Award Letter
55 Rental Agreement
56 Preliminary Real Estate Settlement Statement
57 Income Statement (Internal Revenue Service Form 1099)
58 Utility Bill
59 Benefit Letter
60 Canceled Check
61 Individual Tax Return (Internal Revenue Service Form 1040)
62 Asset Account Statement
63 Statement of Profit and Loss
64 Partner Share of Income, Credit, Deductions, (Internal Revenue Service Form K1)
65 Partnership Tax Return (Internal Revenue Service Form 1120)
66 Pay Stub
67 Wage and Tax Statement (Internal Revenue Service Form W2)
68 Year End Statement
69 Bank Statement
70 Verification of Loan/Installment Debt Form
71 Verification of Deposit Form
72 Verification of Mortgage/Rent Form
73 Verification of Employment Form
74 Corporation Tax Return (Internal Revenue Service Form 1065)
75 Title Certificates
76 Real Estate Settlement Statement (Housing and Urban Development Form – 1 “HUD1”)
77 Support Data for Verification
78 Visa/Export License
79 Multi-Country Textile Declaration
Statement of where different components of product were made and what processes were undergone in each country
80 Single Country Textile Declaration
Statement of country of growth, origin or manufacture
81 Negative Textile Declaration
Statement of country of growth, origin or manufacture and is used for products not subject to government textile guidelines
82 Endangered Species Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
83 Trademark Release
84 Water Resistance Statement
85 Certificate of Ceramicware Ceramics Commodities Inspection Bureau (CCIB)
Certificate stating levels of lead and cadmium content in product
86 Wearing Apparel Detail Sheet (WADS)
87 Interim Footwear Invoice
88 Impact Resistance Statement
89 Toxic Substance Compliance Statement
90 Foreign Shippers Declaration
Declaration by shipper that goods are of U.S. origin
91 Veterinarian Certificate
92 Child Labor Certificate
Certificate stating no child labor was used in production of product
93 Prison Labor Certificate
Certificate stating no prison or forced labor was used in production of product
94 Purchase Order Copy
95 Product Analysis
96 American Automotive Labeling Act Certificate
97 Broker Market Analysis
A1 Air Emissions Statements
A2 Anti-Dumping Gasoline Program Report
A3 Allergies/Sensitivities Document
A4 Autopsy Report
AA Agent Inventory Report
AB Assembly Drawing
AC Assay Certificate
A written statement prepared showing the properties of the product shipped, lot numbers, etc.
AD Agent/Distributor Inventory Report
AE Attachment
AF Aid Form
Application for approval of commodity eligibility of certain products going to certain countries
AG Actual
AH Easement Report
AI Conditions, Covenant, and Restrictions Report
AJ Impound Account Escrow Analysis Report
AK Closing Escrow Analysis Report
AL Reserved Escrow Analysis Report
AM Ambulance Certification
Information to support necessity of ambulance trip
AN Title Policy
AO Average Outgoing Quality Report
AP Advanced Problem Notification
AQ Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 1 Report
AR Asset Reclassification Extension Request
AS Admission Summary
A brief patient summary; it lists the patient’s chief complaints and the reasons for admitting the patient to the hospital
AT Purchase Order Attachment
AU Automobile Claim Report
AV Averaging Areas Report
AW Air Waybill
Forwarding or carrying agreement between shipper and air carrier and is obtained from the airline used to ship the goods in question; used as a receipt for cargo and contract of carriage
AX Asset Reclassification Extension Response
AY Tax Certificate
AZ Home Owner Authorization
B1 Batch Report
B2 Prescription
B3 Physician Order
B4 Referral Form
BA Budget
BB Buy or Sell Exchange Contract Status Statement
BC Bill of Lading Copy
BE Benzene Content Averaging Report
BF Bailment Warehouse Withdrawal Request
BL Bill of Lading
BM Bill of Material
BN Beneficiary Certificate
Letter prepared by the documentation editor or by a forwarder stating that certain conditions, as called for in a letter of credit, have been complied with
BO Bill of Lading Original
BR Benchmark Testing Results
BS Baseline
BT Blanket Test Results
BU Billback Report
BW Bill of Sale
BY Biennial Report
C1 Cost Data Summary
C2 Functional Cost and Hour
C3 Progress Curve
C4 Plant-Wide Data
C5 Certified Cost and Price Data
C6 Wage Determination
C7 Credit Transfer Summary Report
C8 Chemical/Radiological Report
C9 Certification/Authorization Document
CA Certificate of Analysis
CB Chiropractic Justification
Lists the reasons chiropractic is just and appropriate treatment
CC C.A.A. Certificate of Conformance (British CAA)
CD Customer/Distributor Inventory Report
CE Constable Report
CF Capability
CG Certificate of Origin
Certified document that shows the national origin of goods, is presented to customs authorities upon their importation; in some cases, it is necessary that they be legalized by a consul of the country of destination; in some cases, they may be certified by a stateside organization such as a local chamber of commerce
CH Certificate of Weight
A list itemizing the material in each package; indicates the type of package; shows the individual net, tare, and gross weights for each package; shows the batch number for each package
CI Certificate of Inspection Report
CJ Complications Document
CK Consent Form(s)
CL Cable
Required sometimes to bank advising shipping information and details of invoice; required sometimes to be sent to customer when insurance is covered by buyer; is required usually on China shipments
CM Customer/Manufacturer Inventory Report
CN Customer’s Report of Nonconformance
CO Consignment Order
CP Certificate of Compliance (Material Certification)
CQ County Record
CR Letter of Credit
A written undertaking of a bank (issuing bank) acting at the request and on the instruction of its customer (the applicant for the credit) to make payment to, or to the order of, a third party (beneficiary), pay or accept drafts drawn by the beneficiary, or authorize another bank to effect payment or to pay, accept or negotiate drafts against stipulated documents; terms and conditions of the credit must be complied with before payment, negotiation, or acceptance can be made
CS Consigned Inventory Sales Report
CT Certification
CU Customer Notification Letter
CV Change of Hospice Benefit
Includes revocation
CW Corrective Work Order
CX Cost/Schedule Status Report (C/SSR)
Contract status report showing budget, performance, actual, cost variance, schedule variance, budget at complete, estimate at complete, and variance at complete at specified levels of the work breakdown structure
CY Contract Funds Status Report (CFSR)
Status report for funds appropriation including commitments, actual cost, forecast of billings, and estimated termination costs
CZ Campus Police Report
D2 Drug Profile Document
DA Dental Models
Cast of the teeth; they are usually taken before partial dentures or braces are placed
DB Durable Medical Equipment Prescription
Prescription describing the need for durable medical equipment; it usually includes the diagnosis and possible time period the equipment will be needed
DC Distributor/Customer Inventory Report
DD Distributor Inventory Report
DE Certificate of Quality
Certification, in the form of a letter, that product complies with the quality specifications in the letter of credit; may also state that packing is suitable for long distance travel
DF DA59 Special Customs Invoice for South Africa
DG Diagnostic Report
Report describing the results of lab tests x-rays or radiology films
DH Nitrogen Certificate
A statement that lines were plugged with nitrogen prior to loading and a blanket of nitrogen was placed on top of product after loading to assure that the product stays dry and oxygen free
DI Directory
Reports that provide information about a subject, name, product, etc
DJ Discharge Monitoring Report
DK Drawback Affidavit
DL Draft and Transmittal Letter
Written order by the drawer (exporter or principal) directing the drawee (importer) to make payment at sight or at a determinable future date
DM Distributor/Manufacturer Inventory Report
DN Deviation/Nonconformance Test Results and Request for Action
DQ Delinquency
DR Datalog Report
DS Discharge Summary
Report listing the condition of the patient upon release from the hospital; it usually lists where the patient is being released to, what medication the patient is taking and when to follow-up with the doctor
DT Department of Transportation
DU Commercial
DV Condominium
DW Drawing(s)
E1 Exporter’s Certificate and Agreement
EA Electrical Average Outgoing Quality Report
EB Explanation of Benefits (Coordination of Benefits or Medicare Secondary Payor)
Summary of benefits paid on the claim
EC Engineering Change Order
ED Environmental Exposure Document
EH Election of Hospice Benefit
Includes selection of benefit and physicians’ certification of terminal illness
EL Eligibility
EP Experimental Material Purchase Order
ER Engineering Change Request
ES Source Selection Plan
EX Shippers Export Declaration
An official document submitted by a U.S. exporter whenever a shipment of merchandise goes from the U.S. to a foreign destination; joint bureau of the Census-International Trade Administration issues this form used for compiling U.S. export control laws
EY Barrel for Barrel Exchange Contract Status Statement
F1 Cost Performance Report (CPR) Format 1
Detailed contract status report including current reporting month values at specified levels of the work breakdown structure
F2 Cost Performance Report (CPR) Format 2
Detailed contract status report at specified levels of the organization breakdown structure
F3 Cost Performance Report (CPR) Format 3
Contract baseline report that summarizes changes to the contract over a given reporting period with beginning and ending values
F4 Cost Performance Report (CPR) Format 4
Contract resource summary report that forecasts labor requirements for the remainder of a contract
F5 Cost Performance Report (CPR) Format 5
Contract summary or detail report explaining significant cost or schedule variances
F6 Transportation Carrier Inspection Report
F7 Government Inspection Report
F8 Inspection Waiver (Written)
F9 Inspection Waiver (Oral)
FB Federal Bureau of Investigation
FC Fumigation Certificate
FD Federal Specification Compliance
FE Federal Emergency Management Agency
FH Limitation of Heavy Elements
FI Fire Report
FM Family Medical History Document
FO Post-Operative Radiology Films
FR Pre-Operative Radiology Films
FS Certificate of Free Sale
G1 State Form
G2 Clearance Letter
G3 Background Release
G4 Exam Results
G5 Prelicense Certificate
G6 National Association of Securities Dealers Certification
G7 License Copy
GP Gas Processor’s Report
GT Gas Transporter’s Report
HC Health Certificate
HI Hazardous Material Incident
HP History and Physical
HR Health Clinic Records
HW Hazardous Waste Manifest
I2 Consular Invoice
Document required by some foreign countries; describes a shipment of goods and shows other information such as the consignor, consignee, and shipment’s value; used by the country’s customs officials to verify the value, quantity, and nature of the shipment, and certified by a consular official of the foreign country
I3 Customs Invoice
A few countries require the use of a special invoice form; usually in place of a seller’s commercial invoice, this form requires all of the usual data required in a commercial invoice; if the shipment is being made to a customer, a commercial invoice will still be mailed to the customer
I4 Forwarder’s Invoice
The invoice the forwarder receives from shipper and completes by adding ocean freight amount, vessel name, sailing date, estimated time of arrival, FOB amount, etc.
I5 Immunization Record
I6 Carrier’s Invoice
IA Insurance Attachment
A sheet that states shipments made from one date are covered under an open cover policy, up to $2,500,000
IC Insurance Certificate
Required when the seller provides ocean marine insurance; the certificate is a negotiable document; must be endorsed before it can be submitted to the bank
IM Import License
Some national governments issue and require this document to authorize imports into their countries
IN Inspection Request
IP Inventory Parameter Report
IR State School Immunization Records
IS Index System
IT Certified Inspection and Test Results
IU Inspection Result
IV Invoice
J1 Doctor’s First Report of Injury
J2 Supplemental Medical Report
J3 Medical Permanent Impairment
J4 Medical Legal Report
J5 Vocational Report
J6 Work Status Report
J7 Consultation Report
J8 Permanent Disability
J9 Itemized Statement
JA Certificate of Good Standing
JB Tax Status Clearance
JC Consent to Use Name
JD Certificate of Registration
JE Certificate of Existence
JF Certificate of Status
JG Certificate of Name Change
JH Certificate of Merger
JI Certificate of Significant Change
JK Balance Sheet
JL Application of Name Reservation
JM Schedule of Capital
JN Foreign Tax Return
JO Permit Application
JP Admission Tax Return
JQ Addendum to Articles
JR Articles and Amendments
JS Appointment of Commissioner as Registered Agent
JT Certificate of Disclosure
JV Notice of Registered Office
JW Notice of Directors
JX Organization and First Biennial Report
JY Agreement of Statutory Agent
JZ Consent to Act
KA Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL)
KC Kosher Certificate
KD Engineering Drawing List
KE Purchased Engineering Data List
KF Support Documents
KG Purchased Documents
KH Proposal Support Data
KI Purchased Drawings
KJ Change Proposal Data
KY Report of Assignment or Modification of Key Events
KZ Request for Assignment or Modification of Key Events
LA Laboratory Results
LB Legalized Bill of Lading
A bill of lading that must be taken to the consulate of a foreign country to be legalized
LC Location Inventory Report
LD Laboratory Quality Review Variation, Deviation
LE Latest Revised Estimate
LG Legalized Certificate of Origin
A certificate of origin that must be legalized by a consulate of a foreign country
LI Legalized Invoice
An invoice that must be legalized by a consulate of a foreign country
LN Location Reconciliation History Notification Report
LO Laboratory Quality Review Order, Waiver
LP Labor Plan
LR Laboratory Quality Review Order, Deviation
LS Lease Settlement Statement
LT License Application Attachment
LW Laboratory Quality Review Variation, Waiver
M1 Medical Record Attachment
MA Manufacturer/Agent Inventory Report
MB Manufacturer/Distributor Inventory Report
MC Manufacturer/Customer Inventory Report
MD Material Data Sheets
ME Major Deviation Request
MF Manufacturing Specification
Instructions and or recipes to be followed in the manufacture of a product, or component of a product
MG Migrant Student Records Transfer System (MSRTS) Record
MH Report of Full Maintenance Period Detail
MI Mortgage Insurance Certification
MJ Request for Maintenance Period Status
MK Report of Maintenance Period Status
ML Request for Full Maintenance Period Detail
MM Manufacturer Inventory Report
MN Minor Deviation Request
MO Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin
MP Request for Establishment, Modification, or Cancellation of Maintenance Period
MQ Report of Establishment, Modification, or Cancellation of Maintenance Period
MR Material Inspection and Receiving Report
MS Material Safety Data Sheet
MT Models
MV Metered Volumes
The result of measurements of the gas flow through a pipe at a specific physical location
MZ Motor Vehicle Report
NA National Insurance Crime Bureau Assignment
NC Certificate of Quantity
Certification, in the form of a letter, that the quantity invoiced agrees with the quantity shown on the packing list; certificate of quantity may be included with the certificate of quality
ND Commercial Invoice
A bill for goods from the buyer to the seller; should include basic information such as description of the goods, address of shipper and seller, delivery and payment terms, etc.; buyer needs invoice to prove ownership and to arrange payment; used by some governments to assess customs duties; serves as the basis in preparing all other documents covering the shipment
NI National Insurance Crime Bureau
NL National Insurance Crime Bureau Total Loss
NM Monthly Contractor Financial Management Report
NN Nursing Notes
Notes kept by the nurse regarding a patient’s physical and mental condition, what medication the patient is on and when it should be given
NO National Insurance Crime Bureau Other than Theft
NQ Quarterly Contractor Financial Management Report
NR NOx Emissions Averaging Report
NT National Insurance Crime Bureau Total Theft
OB Operative Note
Step-by-step notes of exactly what takes place during an operation
OC Oxygen Content Averaging Report
OD Orders and Treatments Document
OE Objective Physical Examination (including vital signs) Document
OL Ocean Bill of Lading
OP Outside Production Operation Sheet
OR Oil Storer’s Report
OS Organization Breakdown Structure
OT Oil Transporter’s Report
OX Oxygen Therapy Certification
OZ Support Data for Claim
Medical records that would support procedures performed; tests given and necessary for a claim
P1 Packing List
P2 Protest
P3 Receipt
P4 Pathology Report
P5 Patient Medical History Document
P6 Periodontal Charts
P7 Periodontal Reports
P8 Property Claim Report
P9 Provisioning – Supply Support Information
PA Part Drawing
PB Product Catalog
PC Process Change Notice
PD Proof of Delivery
PE Parenteral or Enteral Certification
PF Product Specification
Specifications, generated by the supplier/manufacturer, detailing the properties or performance characteristics of a finished product
PG Packaging Specification
Specifications detailing how individual products, or groups of products, are to be packaged for shipment
PH Production History – Property Level
PI Product Availability Inquiry
PJ Purchasing Specification
Specifications, generated by a customer, setting acceptance limits on the properties or performance of the product being purchased; purchasing specifications may additionally supply instructions for packaging, transportation, delivery, and payments
PK Storage Information Inquiry
PL Property Insurance Loss Register
PM Proof of Insurance
PN Physical Therapy Notes
PO Prosthetics or Orthotic Certification
PP Proposal
PQ Paramedical Results
PR Purchase Report
PS Pipeline/Shipper Inventory Report
PT Inter-Plant Inventory Report
PV Police Report
PW Production History – Well Level
PX Production, Injection and Disposition Report
PY Physician’s Report
PZ Physical Therapy Certification
QC Cause and Corrective Action Report
QD Quality Review Order, Purchasing
QE Quality Detail
Signifies lot by lot detail
QM Quality Review Order, Manufacturing
QR Quality Report
QS Quality Review Order Supplement
QT Quality Summary
Summarizes quality lot or lots
R1 Reformulated Gasoline/Anti-Dumping Company Registration
R2 Reformulated Gasoline/Anti-Dumping Facility Registration
R3 Technical Information Package
R4 Purchased Technical Information Package
R5 Technical Information
R6 Miscellaneous Information
R7 Compliance Review
R9 Accident
RA Revision Announcement
RB Radiology Films
X-rays, videos, and other radiology diagnostic tests
RC Request for Cause and Corrective Action Report
RD Payment Bond
RE Performance Bond
RF Reliability Fail Rate Report
RG Residential
RH Bid Bond
RM Request for Manufacturing Engineer Appraisal
RN Supplier’s Report of Nonconformance
RO Regular Order
RR Radiology Reports
Reports prepared by a radiologists after the films or x-rays have been reviewed
RT Report of Tests and Analysis Report
RV Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) Averaging Report
RX Renewable Oxygen Content Averaging Report
S1 Supply and Shipment Status Report
Report contains 100 percent status on stockage and shipment
S2 Supply Status Report
Report contains 100 percent status on stockage
S3 Exception Supply Status Report
Report contains exception status on stockage
S4 Exception Supply and Shipment Status Report
Report contains exception status on stockage and shipment
S5 Product Quality Deficiency Report Category I
A report identifying a product deficiency which has the potential to cause death, injury, severely restricts combat readiness or results in a production line stoppage
S6 Product Quality Deficiency Report Category II
A report identifying all product deficiencies not covered by a Category I report
S7 “Walsh-Healey Act” Manufacturer or Regular Dealer
A report required to be rendered by a quoting party when the quote exceeds $10,000.00
S8 Report of Findings
S9 Representation
A statement (report) by a prospective contractor that makes a representation about a specific condition
SA State Police Report
SB Sample Approval and Rejection List
A listing of approved and disapproved cotton bales along with a reading of tests done and reasons for rejection sent by a textile mill to a merchant
SC Sanitary Certificate
Certificate of purity usually supplied by a health department
SD Support Data for a Request for Quote
SE Security Police Report
SF Contract Security Classification Specification
SG Symptoms Document
SH Sheriff Report
SI Seller Inventory Report
SJ Statement of Work
SL Sample Bale List
SM Shipping Manifests
SN Shipping Notice
SO Secretary Certificate
SP Specification
SQ Statistical Quality Documents
SR Statistical Report
SS Seller Sales Report
ST Student Educational Record (Transcript)
SU Supplier’s Certificate
A form that has to do with commission that is being paid to a representative because he took the order from the customer for shipper’s products
SV Survey
SW Sea Waybill
SX Steamship Due Bill
SY Train Sheet
T1 Title Bill
T2 Preliminary Title Work
T3 Loan Documents
T4 Tax Information
T5 Toxics Emissions Performance Averaging Report
T6 Toxics Release Inventory
T7 Therapy Notes
TA Asset Support Inquiry
An inquiry as to the abilities of an organization to support contingency or operational plans or projects
TB Asset Support Advice
A response detailing the capabilities of an organization to support contingency or operational plans or projects
TC Physical Inventory Request
A request for or notification of a physical inventory action
TD Asset Reclassification Response
TE Asset Reclassification Request
TF Transaction History Request
TG Two to Four Family
TH Total Theft Claim Report
TI Asset Status Inquiry
TJ Asset Status Advice
TK Logistics Transfer Inquiry
An inquiry as to the current status of material transfers between inventory managers
TL Logistics Transfer Advice
A response to an inquiry for the current status of material transfers between inventory managers
TM Stock Sale Report
TN Delayed Sale Report
A standard transaction to establish, reverse, or cancel a backorder
TO Demand Report
TP Treatments Certificate
Form required for New Zealand and Australia that states that the container has been cleaned prior to loading shipment and certifies that no straw, rice hulls, or similar plant materials were used as packing materials
TQ Storage Information Advice
TR Transmittal Letter
The section of information attached to a draft which shows the drawee and address (sold to), draft number (seller’s order number), tenor, letter of credit amount, and lists the documents that the bank should get; It also shows the U.S. bank name/address to which the forwarder mails the documents indicated
TS Sulfur, Olefins, and T90 Averaging Report
TT Title Transfer
TX Tax-exempt Certificate
U1 Survey Report
UA Union Agreement
UB Certificate of Designation of Registered Agent
UD List of Officers and Directors
UE Resolution and Consent Form
UF Domestic Business Corporation Initial Report
UG Registered Agent Application
UH Articles of Incorporation
UI Certificate of Compliance
UJ Certificate of Authorization
UK Charter
UL Other Type of Report
UM Affidavit of Acceptance
UN Resolution Adopting Fictitious Name
UO Trade Name Application
UP Declaration of Solicitor
UQ Memorandum of Association
UR Notice of Registered Agent
US “BUY AMERICA” Certification of Compliance
UU Dissolution of Existing Registration
UV Appointment of Statutory Agent
UX Regulatory Approval for Professional Association
UY Initial Annual Report
UZ Certificate of Fact
V1 Voter Registration Application
V2 Voter Registration Application Disposition
V3 Voter Information Record
V4 Change of Name and/or Address
V5 Death Notification
V6 Felony Conviction Notification
V7 Incompetency Notification
VA Variance Analysis
VC Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Emissions Averaging Report
VD Data Request for Vendor’s Specifications or Drawings.
VM Visual/Mechanical Average Outgoing Quality Report
W1 Safe Drinking Water Bacteriological Report
W2 Safe Drinking Water Report
WA Fictitious Name Statement
WB Work Breakdown Structure
WC Request for Assignment or Deletion of Work Candidate
WD Report of Assignment or Deletion of Work Candidate
WE Business Conducted Prior to Qualification Form
WF By-Laws
WG Appointment of Agent for Service and Consent to Act
WH Certificate of Name Clearance
WI Well Information
WP Work Progress
WT Well Test Information
X1 Complete Appraisal
X2 Limited Appraisal
X3 Self-contained Report
X4 Summary Report
X5 Restricted Report
XE Equipment Test Results
XP Photographs
Y1 Appraisal
Y2 Broker Price Opinion
Y3 Real Estate Property Information
YA Finished Goods Inventory Cover
The amount of finished goods inventory at the stocking location(s) in terms of the estimated daily demand.
YB Forecast Accuracy
The mean absolute percent agreement of the forecast with the actual sales, receipt or shipment quantity, expressed in unit volume or monetary terms
YC Invoice Accuracy
The percentage of seller invoices deemed accurate out of all invoices received.
YD Item Data Synchronization
The percentage of items (including applicable trade item hierarchy) published and sold from the seller that are synchronized by the buyer via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) or other defined electronic commerce interface.
YE Item Master Data Accuracy
The percentage of items with accurate physically measured dimensions and weight attributes (as provided by the seller) of all items that were physically verified.
YF Markdown
The percentage of monetary sales that were sold below the normal retail price. Includes seasonal clearance, discontinuation, employee discount, response to competitive activity or other retailer-initiated price reductions.
YG On Time Delivery
The percentage of shipments that arrived on the receiver’s premises within the agreed date and time, out of all shipments that were delivered. The first scheduled appointment date and time is the recommended agreed date and time.
YH On Time Payment
The percentage of payments made within a seller’s terms of sale out of all payments received.
YI Order Item Quantity Change
The percentage of orders placed by the customer in the trading relationship that required changes in items or item quantities prior to release.
YJ Order to Delivery Cycle Time
The average length of time between order placement and the time product arrived and was available for unloading at the agreed customer location.
YK Out of Stock
The percentage of items that is not available at their expected stocking locations out of the set of item stocking locatins that were evaluated.
YL Retail Gross Profit Margin
The average percentage amount a retailer will profit per item or group of items sold to a consumer after deducting operating expenses.
YM Sales Growth
The percentage increase in monetary or unit sales compared to an equivalent time period one year prior to the period being measured.
YN Service Level Fill Rate
The percentage of product that a buyer received or the seller shipped compared to the original ordered quantity.
YP Share
The percentage of sales of a subset of items and/or locations in a broader market context, which can be defined in terms of a product category, class of trade or geography.
YQ Unsaleables
The percentage of products that were removed from the primary channel of distribution due to damage, expiration, discontinuation, seasonality, promotion completion or defects.
YR Retail Item Gross Margin
The average percentage amount a Retailer will earn for an item sold to a consumer before deducting operating expenses.
ZA Flood Determination Report
ZB Conventional Ammunition Suspension Report
An action that suspends or freezes continued use of a specified quantity of conventional ammunition
ZC Self Monitoring Report
ZZ Mutually Defined


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