EDI 850 codes

Codes specifying the type of Purchase Order

The 850 PO is the most popular EDI transaction in supply-chain and the BEG-02 data element defines the PO type. Here are some PO types examples and the list of PO type codes:

  • NE New Order
  • NS New Store
  • SA Standalone PO
  • BK Blanket PO

Complete List of PO Type Codes

AB Assortment Against Blanket
AC AOG (Aircraft on Ground) Critical
AO AOG (Aircraft on Ground) Service
BD Bidding
BE Blanket Order/Estimated Quantities (Not firm Commitment)
BH Bill and Hold
BK Blanket Order (Quantity Firm)
BL Bailment
BQ Budgetary Quote
BY Buying
CA Contract Award Notification
CB Cooperative Agreement
CC Change to Contract
CD Assistance Award Loan
CE Undefinitized Contract Action
CF Confirmation
CG Formula Funds Assistance Award
CN Consigned Order
CO Catalog Order
CP Change to Purchase Order
CR Change to Release
DN Donation Order
DO Domestic Order
DR Direct Ship
Vendor ships directly to customer
DS Dropship
EO Emergency Order
Acquires what is needed no matter what the cost; different from a rush order in that rush utilizes the normal channels as quickly as possible
EP Export Order
FF Formula Funds
FH Fabricate and Hold
FS Firesale Order – Damaged or Distressed Merchandise
IN Information Copy
JL Job Lot
KA Agreement
KB Blanket Purchase Agreement
A charge account established with qualified sources of supply to satisfy repetitive requirements
KC Contract
A legally binding document wherein one party agrees to provide supplies or services and another party agrees to provide compensation for the supplies or services
KD Basic Agreement
A written instrument of understanding that contemplates separate future contracts
KE Basic Ordering Agreement
A document which contains terms and conditions, a description of supplies or services to be provided and methods of pricing, issuing, and delivering orders under this agreement
KG Grant
KI Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity
A contract that provides for a minimum quantity and an indefinite maximum quantity within stated limits
KN Purchase Order
Procurement instrument within the small purchasing threshold
KO Close Out
KP Authority to Proceed
An authorization that permits the selling party to incur costs for the eventual delivery of supplies or services prior to the formal execution of a contract
KQ Indefinite Delivery Definite Quantity
A contract that provides for delivery of a specified quantity over a fixed period of time to unspecified locations
KR Requirements
A contract to provide all specified requirements of designated organizations for a fixed period of time
KS Letter Contract
KT Task Order
LB Lease (Blanket Agreement)
LN Loan
LS Lease
NA Novation Agreement
NE New Order
NO Not for Sale
NP New Product Introduction
NS New Store Opening
OS Special Order
PD Production Order
PR Promotion
RA Release Against Assortment
RC Retailer Pre-commitment
RE Reorder
RL Release or Delivery Order
An order for goods and services placed against a pre-existing contract or blanket order
RN Renewal Order
RO Rush Order
RR Repair and Return
RT Rental
RU Record Update Service
Service orders for customer-requested changes to the service provider’s records that do not require installation or movement of equipment
RW Resume Work Order
SA Stand-alone Order
SO Shipped Order
SP Sample
SS Supply or Service Order
ST Standing Order
SW Stop Work
TC Toll Conversion Order
TM Time & Materials
TR Termination
UD Unit Down
Critical unit is down. This is the highest priority
UE Unit Exchange
US Urgent Service Request
WO Warranty Order
WT Warehouse Transfer Order
ZZ Mutually Defined

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