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Code identifying purpose of transaction set

The Transaction Set Purpose Codes is one of the most commonly used EDI data elements. You’ll find these in over 250 EDI Transactions in 70 segments. The most popular data elements that use this value include BEG-01, BSN-01, BHT-02 and dozens more.

Some Examples

00 Original
01 Cancellation
06 Confirmation
07 Duplicate

Full List (EDI Dat Element 353)

00 Original
01 Cancellation
02 Add
03 Delete
04 Change
05 Replace
06 Confirmation
07 Duplicate
08 Status
10 Not Found
11 Response
12 Not Processed
13 Request
14 Advance Notification
15 Re-Submission
16 Proposed
17 Cancel, to be Reissued
18 Reissue
19 Seller initiated change
20 Final Transmission
21 Transaction on Hold
22 Information Copy
24 Draft
25 Incremental
26 Replace – Specified Buyers Parts Only
27 Verify
28 Query
30 Renewal
31 Allowance/Addition
32 Recovery/Deduction
33 Request for Payment
34 Payment Declined
35 Request Authority
36 Authority to Deduct (Reply)
37 Authority Declined (Reply)
38 No Financial Value
39 Response to Proposed Trip Plan
40 Commitment Advice
41 Corrected and Verified
42 Temporary Record
Preliminary data that will be replaced with permanent information once verification of accuracy and completeness has been performed
43 Request Permission to Service
44 Rejection
45 Follow-up
A second or subsequent transmission of the transaction set when an expected response has not yet been received
46 Cancellation with Refund
47 Transfer
48 Suspended
49 Original – No Response Necessary
50 Register
To provide such trading partner profile information as may be necessary to request registration as a trading partner in a system (e.g., be authorized to render quotes to the government)
51 Historical Inquiry
52 Response to Historical Inquiry
53 Completion
54 Approval
55 Excavation
56 Expiration Notification
57 Initial
5C Chargeable Resubmission
77 Simulation Exercise
CN Completion Notification
Signifies that the order is complete and the information contained within is final for the service request purchase order
CO Corrected
DA Delgate to Alternative
Used by the currently responsible support point to delegate “ownership” of a Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) to an alternate support point
ED Exhibit Disposition
Used by the receiver of the transaction to indicate compliance with instructions for exhibit disposition confirmation
ER Exhibit Receipt
Used by the receiver of the transaction to indicate an exhibit receipt
EX Final Loading Configuration
FA Forward to Action Point
Used by the initial screening point to forward the Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) from the screening point to an action point; i.e., assign a PQDR to an Action Point
FC Forward to Contractor
Used by the inital screening point to forward ownership of a Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) to a contractor
FS Forward to Support Point
Used by an action point to forward ownership of a Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) to a support point; i.e., assigns ownership of a PQDR to a support point
GR Granted
MD Materiel Disposition
Used by a support point or action point after the investigation has been completed to provide materiel disaposition
PR Proposed Loading Configuration
RH Release Hold
RO Re-open
Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) has been re-opened by the system sending the transaction, and needs to be re-opened in the receiving system. Typically used when a PQDR is re-opened by a screening point in one system and needs to be opened in another system. Also, treated as a request to re-open a PQDR when sent by an originator, action point, or support point to a screening point
RR Reply Rebuttal
Used to provide a reply rebuttal to a previously received final reply
RV Revised Loading Configuration
SB Scan Based Trading
SU Status Update
ZZ Mutually Defined

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