Unit or Basis for Measurement UOM Code.
Code specifying the units in which a value is being expressed,
or manner in which a measurement has been taken.

EDI Unit of measure boxes example

The 850 PO is the most popular EDI segment and the BEG-02 data element defines the PO type.


UOM Type Code Examples:

EA Each
AS Assortment
CA Cases
LB Pounds
KG Kilogram
KW Kilowatt
LO Lott
ML Milliliter
ZZ Mutually Defined


Complete List of Unit or Basis for Measurement Codes

01 Actual Pounds
02 Statute Mile
03 Seconds
04 Small Spray
05 Lifts
06 Digits
Expresses a value using total number of digits, e.g., 6 digits
07 Strand
08 Heat Lots
09 Tire
10 Group
11 Outfit
12 Packet
13 Ration
14 Shot
15 Stick
16 115 Kilogram Drum
A cylindrical container whose contents weigh 115 kilograms when full
17 100 Pound Drum
A cylindrical container whose contents weigh 100 pounds when full
18 55 Gallon Drum
A cylindrical container whose volume is equal to 55 gallons
19 Tank Truck
A liquid-carrying highway vehicle whose volume is variable according to the customer’s needs and which is used as a measure of goods ordered, sold, and delivered; differs from a tank car which transports liquids by rail
1A Car Mile
One freight car moving one mile
1B Car Count
The number of freight cars moving over a specified track
1C Locomotive Count
The number of locomotives moved over a specified track
1D Caboose Count
The number of cabooses moved over a specified track
1E Empty Car
Unloaded or empty cars moving over a specified track
1F Train Mile
The first locomotive in a train moving one mile
1G Fuel Usage (Gallons)
The number of gallons of diesel fuel used to move a train or all trains over specified trackage
1H Caboose Mile
One caboose moving one mile
1I Fixed Rate
Indicates a predetermined or set rate for usage of a facility
1J Ton Miles
Tons of freight multiplied by the number of times moved; includes non-revenue freight such as material used to maintain trackage and right-of-way
1K Locomotive Mile
One locomotive moving one mile
1L Total Car Count
The sum of cars, locomotives, and cabooses moving over a specified track; the conversion rate for locomotives and cabooses is set by contract
1M Total Car Mile
The sum of car miles, locomotive miles, and caboose miles moved over a specified track; the conversion rate for locomotives and cabooses is set by contract
1N Count
1O Season
1P Tank Car
1Q Frames
1R Transactions
1S Millimole
Millimole is 1/1000 part of a mole (measure of the concentration of a solute)
1T Terabecquerel
1U Dose
1X Quarter Mile
1Z Base Unit
20 20 Foot Container
A sea-land rectangular container box whose capacity is defined by its longest dimension and by which product shipments are measured and billed
21 40 Foot Container
A sea-land rectangular container box whose capacity is defined by its longest dimension and by which product shipments are measured and billed
22 Deciliter per Gram
Represents viscosity, Cuene intrinsic viscosity, and limit intrinsic viscosity
23 Grams per Cubic Centimeter
Represents product density
24 Theoretical Pounds
25 Grams per Square Centimeter
Represents product basis weight
26 Actual Tons
27 Theoretical Tons
28 Kilograms per Square Meter
Represents product basis weight
29 Pounds per 1000 Square Feet
Represents product basis weight
2A Radians Per Second
Measure of angular velocity
2B Radians Per Second Squared
Measure of angular acceleration
2C Roentgen
Unit of X-radiation or gamma radiation equal to the amount of radiation that produces in one cubic centimeter of dry air at 0 degrees Celsius and standard atmospheric pressure ionization of either sign equal to one electrostatic unit of charge
2D Ship Set
2F Volts Per Meter
Measure of electrical field strength
2G Volts (Alternating Current)
Measure of electrical potential
2H Volts (Direct Current)
Measure of electrical potential
2I British Thermal Units (BTUs) Per Hour
British thermal units per hour
2J Cubic Centimeters Per Second
Rate of flow
2K Cubic Feet Per Hour
Rate of flow
2L Cubic Feet Per Minute
Rate of flow
2M Centimeters Per Second
Rate of speed
2N Decibels
A unit for expressing the relative intensity of sounds on a scale of 0 for the least perceptible sound to about 130 for the average pain level
2P Kilobyte
Unit of computer storage capacity equal to 1000 bytes
2Q Kilobecquerel
Unit of radiation
2R Kilocurie
Unit of radiation
2U Megagram
Unit of mass
2V Megagrams Per Hour
2W Bin
Storage container used as a unit of measurement
2X Meters Per Minute
Measure of linear speed
2Y Milliroentgen
Unit of radiation
2Z Millivolts
Unit of electrical potential
30 Horsepower Days per Air Dry Metric Tons
Represents the energy requirements for processing a product
31 Catchweight
32 Kilograms per Air Dry Metric Tons
Represents chemical addition rate during product manufacture or chemical addition within the finished product
33 Kilopascal Square Meters per Gram
Represents burst index measurement for pulp products
34 Kilopascals per Millimeter
Represents hardness index of pulp products
35 Milliliters per Square Centimeter Second
Represents porosity of a sheet of material
36 Cubic Feet per Minute per Square Foot
Represents porosity of a sheet of material
37 Ounces per Square Foot
Represents sheet weight
38 Ounces per Square Foot per 0.01 Inch
Represents sheet density
39 Basis Points
3A Degrees Lovibond
3B Megajoule
Unit of energy or heat
3C Manmonth
Measure of work output by a single person during a typical work month
3D Pieces per 100 Grams
3E Pounds Per Pound of Product
3F Kilograms Per Liter of Product
3G Pounds Per Piece of Product
3H Kilograms Per Kilogram of Product
3I Kilograms Per Piece of Product
3J Pieces per 10 Pounds
3K Proof
3L Scoville Units
3M Water Activity
3Z Terabytes
40 Milliliter per Second
Represents rate of absorbency
41 Milliliter per Minute
Represents rate of absorbency
42 Centisimal Hahnemannian Dilution (CH)
Centesimal Hahnemannian Scale Attenuation – One milliliter (1.0 ml) of the first centesimal liquid attenuation (1C), or one gram (1.0 g) of the first centesimal trituration (1C) represents 0.01 gram (10.0 mg) of the dry crude medicinal substance
43 Super Bulk Bag
A cloth, plastic, or paper-based bag having the dimensions of the pallet on which it is constructed and varying in height according to the weight and density of product contained; typically transports dry, loose materials in bulk form
44 500 Kilogram Bulk Bag
A flexible container for bulk goods whose contents weigh 500 kilograms when full
45 300 Kilogram Bulk Bag
A flexible container for bulk goods whose contents weigh 300 kilograms when full
46 25 Kilogram Bulk Bag
A flexible container for bulk goods whose contents weigh 25 kilograms when full
47 50 Pound Bag
A flexible container whose contents weigh 50 pounds when full
48 Bulk Car Load
A fully loaded rail car containing dry bulk loose materials
49 Decimal Hahnemannian Dilution (DH)
Decimal Scale of Attenuation – One gram (1.0 g) of tincture, one milliliter of 1X aqueous solution, or one gram (1.0 g) of 1X trituration represents 0.10 gram of dry crude medicinal substance
4A Bobbin
A cylinder or spindle on which yarn or thread is wound
4B Cap
Designates that the cap of a container is manufactured to dimensions that enable it to be used as a measuring device when mixing the contents of the container with another substance
4C Centistokes
1 * 10/-6 square meters/second
4D Curie
A unit of radioactivity equal to 3.7 * 10/10 disintegrations per second
4E 20-Pack
Pack containing 20 units
4F 100-Pack
Pack containing 100 units
4G Microliter
1/1,000,000 liter
4I Meters Per Second
Measure of linear speed
4J Meters Per Second Per Second
Measure of acceleration
4K Milliamperes
Unit of electrical current
4L Megabyte
Unit of computer storage capacity
4M Milligrams Per Hour
Unit of flow
4N Megabecquerel
Unit of radiation
4O Microfarad
Unit of electrical capacitance
4P Newtons Per Meter
Unit of measure for surface tension
4Q Ounce Inch
Unit of torque
4R Ounce Foot
Unit of torque
4S Pascal
Unit of pressure
4T Picofarad
Unit of electrical capacitance
4U Pounds Per Hour
Rate of flow
4V Cubic Meter Per Hour
Rate of flow
4W Ton Per Hour
Rate of flow
4X Kiloliter Per Hour
Rate of flow
50 Actual Kilograms
51 Actual Tonnes
52 Credits
53 Theoretical Kilograms
54 Theoretical Tonnes
55 Korsakovian (K)
Centesimal Korsakovian Scale of Attenuation – One milliliter (1.0 ml) of the first centesimal liquid attenuation (1C), or one gram (1.0 g) of the first centesimal trituration (1C). represents 0.01 gram (10.0 mg) of the dry crude medicinal substance
56 Sitas
57 Mesh
Linear measurement of the open area of screen, net, weave, or similarly constructed item
58 Net Kilograms
59 Parts Per Million
5A Barrels per Minute
The number of 42 gallon barrels pumped or mixed in a time period of one minute
5B Batch
The quantity of material produced at one operation
5C Gallons per Thousand
The number of gallons of a component material used per one thousand gallons of a process made
5D Proof Gallons
One million standard cubic feet of gas per day
5F Pounds per Thousand
The number of pounds of solid material used in each 1000 gallons of fluid, mixed or pumped
5G Pump
The number of pumps used on a specific job
5H Stage
A period or step in a process or development
5I Standard Cubic Foot
One cubic foot of gas measured at a fixed temperature and pressure; the value used for the temperature and pressure varies depending on the type of gas being measured
5J Hydraulic Horse Power
A calculated measure of Horse Power using the formula rate (barrels per minute) times pressure (pounds per square inch) divided by 40.8
5K Count per Minute
5P Seismic Level
5Q Seismic Line
60 Percent Weight
61 Parts Per Billion
62 Percent Per 1000 Hours
63 Failure Rate In Time
64 Pounds Per Square Inch Gauge
65 Coulomb
Unit of charge
66 Oersteds
67 Siemens
Unit of admittance
68 Ampere
69 Test Specific Scale
70 Volt
71 Volt-Ampere Per Pound
72 Watts Per Pound
73 Ampere Turn Per Centimeter
74 Milli Pascals
75 Fifty Millesimal (LM)
Fifty Millesimal Scale of Attenuation – One milliliter (1.0 ml) of the first fifty millesimal attenuation
76 Gauss
77 Mil
78 Kilogauss
79 Electron Volt
7A Landings
Landing events an aircraft has completed.
7C Flight Hours
80 Pounds Per Square Inch Absolute
81 Henry
Unit of inductance
82 Ohm
Unit of resistance
83 Farad
Unit of capacitance
84 Kilo Pounds Per Square Inch (KSI)
85 Foot Pounds
86 Joules
87 Pounds per Cubic Foot
89 Poise
8C Cord
8D Duty
8P Project
8R Program
8S Session
8U Square Kilometer
90 Saybold Universal Second
A measure of kinematic viscosity, usually of oil
91 Stokes
92 Calories per Cubic Centimeter
93 Calories per Gram
94 Curl Units
95 20,000 Gallon Tankcar
A 20,000 gallon liquid capacity enclosed rail car
96 10,000 Gallon Tankcar
A 10,000 gallon liquid capacity enclosed rail car
97 10 Kilogram Drum
A cylindrical container whose contents weigh 10 kilograms when full
98 15 Kilogram Drum
A cylindrical container whose contents weigh 15 kilograms when full
99 Watt
9A Apothecary Pound
9B Briquet
9F Fold
The number of folds as a measure of overlays
9O Apothecary Ounce
9P Pillow
The number of pillows issued to a medical facility per hospital bed
9S Seat
9Y Family Unit
9Z United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) Unit
A unit used in the United States to measure the mass of a vitamin or drug based on its expected biological effects
A1 Absorbance
A2 Bloom Units
A3 Brabender Units
A4 Count per Ounce
A5 Count per Pound
A6 Count per Pouch
A7 Milligrams per Gram
A8 Dollars per Hours
A rate expressed in dollars per hour to be charged for each hour worked
A9 Millipoises
AA Ball
AB Bulk Pack
AC Acre
AD Bytes
A computer string of data that consists of a quantity of bits, treated as a unit; a bit is a binary digit
AE Amperes per Meter
AF Centigram
A unit of metric weight equal to 0.01 gram or 0.000035 ounce
AG Angstrom
AH Additional Minutes
The minutes, usually associated with usage-sensitive pricing of telecommunication services, which are above the minutes allowed for that particular service
AI Average Minutes Per Call
The total number of minutes of a category of calls divided by the total number of calls within the category for telephone services calculated to provide call summary details
AJ Cop
A cylindrical or conical mass of thread, yarn, or cable on a quill or a tube
AK Fathom
A unit of length equal to 6.0 feet or 1.829 meters
AL Access Lines
Number of lines subject to Carrier Access Line Charges
AM Ampoule
AN Minutes or Messages
Number of minutes or messages contracted or used in telephone services where either the number of minutes or messages are the unit of measure for the calculation of charges
AO Ampere-turn
AP Aluminum Pounds Only
AQ Anti-hemophilic Factor (AHF) Units
Intravenous administering of blood products that have been tested for potency against the U.S. medical unit of measure
AR Suppository
AS Assortment
AT Atmosphere
Equal to the pressure of the air at sea level, or approximately 14.7 pounds per square inch
AU Ocular Insert System
A drug delivery system which is placed in the lower conjunctival formix from which the drug diffuses through a membrane at a constant rate over a seven-day period
AV Capsule
A compact metallic or plastic container for liquids or solids
AW Powder-Filled Vials
Standard unit of intravenous blood product that has to be reconstituted with a liquid before being administered
AX Twenty
20 each of an item of supply
AY Assembly
AZ British Thermal Units (BTUs) per Pound
B0 British Thermal Units (BTUs) per Cubic Foot
B1 Barrels per Day
B2 Bunks
B3 Batting Pound
B4 Barrel, Imperial
B5 Billet
B6 Bun
B7 Cycles
B8 Board
B9 Batt
BA Bale
BB Base Box
BC Bucket
BD Bundle
BE Beam
BF Board Feet
BG Bag
BH Brush
BI Bar
A centimeter-gram-second unit of pressure, equal to one million dynes per square centimeter
BJ Band
BK Book
BL Block
BM Bolt
BN Bulk
BO Bottle
BP 100 Board Feet
BQ Brake horse power
The horsepower made available by an engine or turbine for driving machinery other then itself
BR Barrel
BS Basket
BT Belt
BU Bushel
32 dry quarts
BV Bushel, Dry Imperial
BW Base Weight
BX Box
BY British Thermal Unit (BTU)
BZ Million BTUs/Dekatherm
C0 Calls
Number of calls handled
C1 Composite Product Pounds (Total Weight)
C2 Carset
C3 Centiliter
C4 Carload
C5 Cost
C6 Cell
C7 Centipoise (CPS)
C8 Cubic Decimeter
C9 Coil Group
CA Case
CB Carboy
CC Cubic Centimeter
CD Carat
CE Centigrade, Celsius
CF Cubic Feet
CG Card
CH Container
CI Cubic Inches
CJ Cone
CK Connector
CL Cylinder
CM Centimeter
CN Can
CO Cubic Meters (Net)
CP Crate
CQ Cartridge
CR Cubic Meter
CS Cassette
CT Carton
CU Cup
CV Cover
CW Hundred Pounds (CWT)
CX Coil
CY Cubic Yard
CZ Combo
D1 Dollars, Canadian
D2 Shares
D3 Square Decimeter
Metric unit of area
D4 Degrees Brix
D5 Kilogram Per Square Centimeter
Unit of pressure
D6 Degrees Lintner
D8 Draize Score
D9 Dyne per Square Centimeter
DA Days
DB Dry Pounds
DC Disk (Disc)
DD Degree
DE Deal
DF Dram
DG Decigram
DH Miles
DI Dispenser
DJ Decagram
DK Kilometers
DL Deciliter
DM Decimeter
DN Deci Newton-Meter
One tenth of a Newton-meter, representing torque. A Newton-meter represents force times distance
DO Dollars, U.S.
DP Dozen Pair
DQ Data Records
Number of Data Records handled
DR Drum
DS Display
DT Dry Ton
DU Dyne
The unit of force in the cgs system equal to the force that would give a free mass of one gram an acceleration of one centimeter per second
DW Calendar Days
DX Dynes per Centimeter
Unit of surface tension
DY Directory Books
Number of directory books delivered to customer
DZ Dozen
E1 Hectometer
A unit of metric length equal to 109.36 yards or 0.062 mile
E3 Inches, Fraction–Average
E4 Inches, Fraction–Minimum
E5 Inches, Fraction–Actual
E7 Inches, Decimal–Average
E8 Inches, Decimal–Actual
E9 English, (Feet, Inches)
EA Each
EB Electronic Mail Boxes
Number of Electronic Mail Boxes established for an account
EC Each per Month
ED Inches, Decimal–Nominal
EE Employees
EF Inches, Fraction-Nominal
EG Double-time Hours
EH Knots
EJ Locations
EK Mixed Module
EL Multipack
EM Inches, Decimal-Minimum
EP Eleven pack
EQ Equivalent Gallons
Represents number of gallons that syrup and concentrate make of product
ES Prepack Assortment
ET Order
EV Envelope
EX Feet, Inches and Fraction
EY Feet, Inches and Decimal
EZ Feet and Decimal
F0 International Units per Gram
F1 Thousand Cubic Feet Per Day
The unit of measure of the rate of production of a gas
F2 International Unit
A unit accepted by an international agency; potency of a drug/vitamin based on a specific weight of that drug/vitamin
F3 Equivalent
Weight of a substance which combines with or replaces one gram atomic weight of hydrogen
F4 Minim
An apothecary’s fluid measure; 60 minims = 1 fluid gram (approx. 5 cc)
Gram-molecular weight of a gas
F6 Price Per Share
F9 Fibers per Cubic Centimeter of Air
FA Fahrenheit
FB Fields
FC Blister Pak
FD Million Particles per Cubic Foot
FE Track Foot
Represents rails, all ties and fittings, and subgrade
FF Hundred Cubic Meters
A unit of metric volume equal to 131.0 cubic yards
FG Transdermal Patch
A drug delivery system which is placed on the skin and releases a drug at a constant rate through the skin
FH Micromolar
One millionth of a mole; a mole is a standard chemical unit
FJ Sizing Factor
FK Fibers
FL Flake Ton
FM Million Cubic Feet
FN Clamshell Package
FO Fluid Ounce
FP Pounds per Sq. Ft.
FR Feet Per Minute
Measure of linear speed
FS Feet Per Second
Measure of linear speed
FT Foot
FU Furlong
A unit of distance equal to 220 yards (about 201 meters)
FV Grams per 100 Cubic Inches
FZ Fluid Ounce (Imperial)
A liquid unit of measure equal to 1/20 (.05) pint (Imperial), 28.416 cubic centimeters, or 28.416 milliliters
G1 Gallons Capacity
G2 U.S. Gallons Per Minute
Rate of flow
G3 Imperial Gallons Per Minute
Rate of flow
G4 Gigabecquerel
Unit of radiation equal to 27 millicuries
G5 Gill (Imperial)
A unit of liquid or dry measure equal to 5 fluid ounces, 8.669 cubic inches, or 142.066 cubic centimeters
G6 Bit
G7 Microfiche Sheet
A film that contains photographed documents greatly reduced in size
G8 Gigacalories
G9 Gigabyte
GA Gallon
GB Gallons/Day
GC Grams per 100 Grams
GD Gross Barrels
GE Pounds per Gallon
GF Grams per 100 Centimeters
GG Great Gross (Dozen Gross)
GH Half Gallon
GI Imperial Gallons
GJ Grams per Milliliter
GK Grams per Kilogram
GL Grams per Liter
GM Grams per Sq. Meter
GN Gross Gallons
GO Milligrams per Square Meter
GP Milligrams per Cubic Meter
GQ Micrograms per Cubic Meter
GR Gram
GS Gross
GT Gross Kilogram
Represents kilograms of product and package or container
GU Gauss per Oersteds
GV Gigajoules
One billion joules; standard method of expressing absolute heating value of natural gas regardless of volume in the Canadian oil and gas industries
GW Gallons Per Thousand Cubic Feet
GX Grain
A small unit of weight equal to 1/480 (.002083) troy ounce, or 0.0648 gram
GY Gross Yard
GZ Gage Systems
H1 Half Pages – Electronic
Number of electronic half pages of data delivered
H2 Half Liter
Unit of capacity equal to 1/2 liter
H3 18-Pack
H4 Hectoliter
Metric measure for 100 liters
H5 22-Pack
H6 30-Pack
H7 38-Pack
H8 62-Pack
H9 75-Pack
HA Hank
One hundred feet of rope
HB Hundred Boxes
HC Hundred Count
HD Half Dozen
HE Hundredth of a Carat
HF Hundred Feet
HG Hectogram
HH Hundred Cubic Feet
HI Hundred Sheets
HJ Horsepower
HK Hundred Kilograms
HL Hundred Feet – Linear
HM Miles Per Hour
HN Millimeters of Mercury
HO Hundred Troy Ounces
HP Millimeter H20
Unit of pressure
HQ Hectare
HR Hours
HS Hundred Square Feet
HT Half Hour
HU Hundred
HV Hundred Weight (Short)
HW Hundred Weight (Long)
HX Hospital Beds
The number of hospital beds issued to a medical facility
HY Hundred Yards
HZ Hertz
I1 Persons, Capacity
Human occupant capacity
I2 Pellet
A small rounded or spherical globule/globoid of medicine
IA Inch Pound
Unit of torque
IB Inches Per Second (Vibration Velocity)
Measure of vibration velocity
IC Counts per Inch
IE Person
IF Inches of Water
The maximum differential pressure for which a given meter will measure accurately and is expressed in inches of water
IG Inner Package
IH Inhaler
Metered-dose pressurized method of getting medication into the lungs or nasal passages
II Column-Inches
A unit of area one column wide and one inch high
IK Peaks per Inch (PPI)
IL Inches per Minute
IM Impressions
IN Inch
IP Insurance Policy
An individual insurance contract
IS Stops
IT Counts per Centimeter
IU Inches Per Second (Linear Speed)
Measure of linear speed
IV Inches Per Second Per Second (Acceleration)
Measure of acceleration
IW Inches Per Second Per Second (Vibration Acceleration)
Measure of vibration acceleration
J1 80-Pack
J2 Joule Per Kilogram
Measure of specific energy
J3 81-Pack
J4 82-Pack
J5 84-Pack
J6 85-Pack
J7 96-Pack
J8 5000-Pack
J9 Left Unit
JA Job
JB Jumbo
JC Caplet
To denote items in caplet form
JE Joule Per Kelvin
Measure of heat capacity
JG Joule per Gram
Joule is unit of energy and gram is unit of mass
JK Mega Joule per Kilogram
“Mega” means “millions” and “kilo” means “thousands”
JL Refill
Refers to the number of refill units in a package
JM Megajoule/Cubic Meter
A megajoule is one million joules; conventional measurements for expressing the heating value available in a given volume of gas
JN Pan
Refers to items in a pan (such as eye shadow) and would be associated with the number of different colors
JO Joint
JP Prepack
To indicate this is “n” assortment product with different UPC codes on it
JR Jar
JS Use
Refers to the number of uses from a product (such as a box of laundry detergent that provides sixty washes)
JT Tin
Refers to giftware products in a tin
JU Jug
JV Ovule
Refers to products which come in “ovule” form
JX Exposure
To be used to indicate the number of exposures on a roll of film
K0 Kilovolt Potential
Refers to the intensity of the radiographic beam and the resulting image on the film.
K1 Kilowatt Demand
Represents potential power load measured at predetermined intervals
K2 Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Demand
Reactive power that must be supplied for specific types of customer’s equipment; billable when kilowatt demand usage meets or exceeds a defined parameter
K3 Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hour
Represents actual electricity equivalent to kilowatt hours; billable when usage meets or exceeds defined parameters
K4 Kilovolt Amperes
Measure of electrical power
K5 Kilovolt Amperes Reactive
Measure of electrical power
K6 Kiloliter
One thousand liters
K7 Kilowatt
Measure of electrical power
K8 Kilovolt
K9 Kilograms per Millimeter Squared (KG/MM2)
KA Cake
KB Kilocharacters
Kilocharacters of data transmitted
KC Kilograms per Cubic Meter
KD Kilograms Decimal
KE Keg
A unit of weight equal to 100 pounds, used for nails
KF Kilopackets
Kilopackets of data transmitted
KG Kilogram
KH Kilowatt Hour
KI Kilograms/Millimeter Width
KJ Kilosegments
Kilosegments of data transmitted
KK 100 Kilograms
KL Kilograms/Meter
KM Kilograms per Square Meter, Kilograms, Decimal
KN Kilocalorie
KO Millequivalence Caustic Potash per Gram of Product
Acid number and saponification number test results have a unit of measure of Millequivalence KOH per Gram
KP Kilometers Per Hour
KQ Kilopascal
Represents pressure
KR Kiloroentgen
Measure of radiation
KT Kit
KU Task
KV Kelvin
KW Kilograms per Millimeter
KX Milliliters per Kilogram
L1 Right Unit
L2 Liters Per Minute
Measure of the rate of flow
L5 Liters at 15 Degrees Celcius
LA Pounds Per Cubic Inch
LB Pound
LC Linear Centimeter
LE Lite
LF Linear Foot
LG Long Ton
2240 pounds as used in the U.K.
LH Labor Hours
LI Linear Inch
LJ Large Spray
LK Link
LL Lifetime
A duration ending with the death of the individual
LM Linear Meter
LN Length
LO Lot
LP Liquid Pounds
LQ Liters Per Day
Measure of liquid flow over a given time period
LR Layer(s)
LS Lump Sum
LT Liter
LU Order Line
LX Linear Yards Per Pound
LY Linear Yard
M0 Magnetic Tapes
Number of Magnetic Tapes delivered with data
M1 Milligrams per Liter
M2 Millimeter-Actual
M3 Mat
M4 Monetary Value
M5 Microcurie
M6 Millibar
M7 Micro Inch
M8 Mega Pascals
M9 Million British Thermal Units per One Thousand Cubic Feet
Represents conversion from a volume of gas to the heat value of the gas
MA Machine/Unit
MB Millimeter-Nominal
MC Microgram
MD Air Dry Metric Ton
ME Milligram
MF Milligram per Sq. Ft. per Side
MG Metric Gross Ton
MH Microns (Micrometers)
1/1,000,000 meter
MI Metric
MJ Minutes
MK Milligrams Per Square Inch
ML Milliliter
MM Millimeter
MN Metric Net Ton
MO Months
MP Metric Ton
MQ 1000 Meters
MR Meter
MS Square Millimeter
MT Metric Long Ton
MU Millicurie
MV Number of Mults
MW Metric Ton Kilograms
MX Mixed
MY Millimeter-Average
MZ Millimeter-minimum
N1 Pen Calories
Daily calories prescribed to be taken for parenteral/enteral therapy
N2 Number of Lines
N3 Print Point
A print point is approximately .0138″
N4 Pen Grams (Protein)
Grams of amino acids prescribed to be taken for parenteral/enteral therapy
N6 Megahertz
One million cycles per second
N7 Parts
N9 Cartridge Needle
Used with auto-injector units only, a disposable, filled cartridge that includes a needle
NA Milligrams per Kilogram
NB Barge
NC Car
ND Net Barrels
NE Net Liters
NF Messages
Number of Messages transmitted, or delivered
NG Net Gallons
NH Message Hours
Number of hours used, calculated at some rate basis such as Minutes/message carried
NI Net Imperial Gallons
NJ Number of Screens
Number of data screens handled, or transmitted
NK Nights
NL Load
NM Nautical Mile
NN Train
NQ Mho
The basic unit of electrical conductivity, having a unity value when one ampere of current flows through a conductor to which a one volt difference in electrical potential is applied
NR Micro Mho
The typical unit of electrical conductivity measurement – one millionth of an Mho
NS Short Ton
Two thousand pounds
NT Trailer
NU Newton-Meter
Unit of energy or torque
NV Vehicle
NW Newton
Represents force in the International Metric System (SI); equal to the force that produces an acceleration of 1 meter per second on a mass of 1 kilogram
NX Parts Per Thousand
NY Pounds Per Air-Dry Metric Ton
A measure of chemical addition rate during manufacture and product constituent analysis
NZ Thousand Gallons Per Day
O1 Cubic Millimeter
A metric measure of volume or capacity equal to a cube 1 millimeter on each edge
OA Panel
OB Outlet
OC Billboard
OG Apothecary Grain
ON Ounces per Square Yard
OP Two pack
OT Overtime Hours
OU Operating Unit
OZ Ounce – Av
P0 Pages – Electronic
Number of electronic pages of data delivered
P1 Percent
P2 Pounds per Foot
P3 Three pack
P4 Four-pack
P5 Five-pack
P6 Six pack
P7 Seven pack
P8 Eight-pack
P9 Nine pack
PA Pail
PB Pair Inches
PC Piece
PD Pad
PE Pounds Equivalent
PF Pallet (Lift)
PG Pounds Gross
PH Pack (PAK)
PI Pitch
PJ Pounds, Decimal – Pounds per Square Foot – Pound Gage
PK Package
PL Pallet/Unit Load
PM Pounds-Percentage
PN Pounds Net
PO Pounds per Inch of Length
PP Plate
PQ Pages per Inch
PR Pair
PS Pounds per Sq. Inch
PT Pint
PU Mass Pounds
PV Half Pint
PW Pounds per Inch of Width
PX Pint, Imperial
PY Peck, Dry U.S.
PZ Peck, Dry Imperial
Q1 Quarter (Time)
Q2 Pint U.S. Dry
Volume equal to 33.6003125 cubic inches
Q3 Meal
A group of food items packaged together for human consumption
Q4 Fifty
A unit of issue in which a group of 50 items are consolidated and measured as a single entity
Q5 Twenty-Five
A unit of issue in which a group of 25 items are consolidated and measured as a single entity
Q6 Thirty-Six
A unit of issue in which a group of 36 items are consolidated and measured as a single entity
Q7 Twenty-Four
A unit of issue in which a group of 24 items are consolidated and measured as a single entity
Q9 Five
A unit of issue in which a group of five items are consolidated and measured as a single entity
QA Pages – Facsimile
Number of FAX pages transmitted
QB Pages – Hardcopy
Number of printed pages delivered
QC Channel
QD Quarter Dozen
QE Photographs
QF Quarter
One of four divisions of a human body
QH Quarter Hours
Number of 15 minute increments of usage handled
QK Quarter Kilogram
A unit of metric weight equal to 250 grams
QR Quire
QS Quart, Dry U.S.
QT Quart
QU Quart, Imperial
R1 Pica
Approximately .166 inches measured from the top of the ascender (the upward stroke in a lowercase letter, such as “t”) to the bottom of the descender (the downward stroke in a lowercase letter, such as “p”); twelve points equal one pica; six picas equal approximately one inch (.996)
R2 Becquerel
Unit of radiation equal to 3.7 * 10/10 of a curie
R3 Revolutions Per Minute
R4 Calorie
The amount of heat it takes to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Centigrade at a pressure of one atmosphere
R5 Thousands of Dollars
R6 Millions of Dollars
R7 Billions of Dollars
R8 Roentgen Equivalent in Man (REM)
R9 Thousand Cubic Meters
RA Rack
RB Radian
RC Rod (area) – 16.25 Square Yards
RD Rod (length) – 5.5 Yards
RE Reel
RG Ring
RH Running or Operating Hours
Measure of accumulated time of machine or piece of equipment has been running
RK Roll-Metric Measure
RL Roll
RM Ream
RN Ream-Metric Measure
RO Round
RP Pounds per Ream
RS Resets
Number of times a transmission is reset due to line drop, interrupt, etc.
RT Revenue Ton Miles
One ton of revenue-generating freight moving one mile
RU Run
RX Thousand Rounds
Number of a series of professional calls on hospital patients made by a doctor or nurse in thousands
S1 Semester
S2 Trimester
S3 Square Feet per Second
S4 Square Meters per Second
S5 Sixty-fourths of an Inch
S6 Sessions
Number of interactive sessions handled
S7 Storage Units
Number of storage increments used
S8 Standard Advertising Units (SAUs)
A predefined partition of advertising page consisting of column-inch multiples
S9 Slip Sheet
A cardboard platform used for holding product for storage or transportation
SA Sandwich
SB Square Mile
SC Square Centimeter
SD Solid Pounds
SE Section
640 acres or one square mile
SF Square Foot
SG Segment
SH Sheet
SI Square Inch
SJ Sack
SK Split Tanktruck
SL Sleeve
SM Square Meter
SN Square Rod
SO Spool
SP Shelf Package
SQ Square
A unit of measure for roofing materials equal to 100 square feet
SR Strip
SS Sheet-Metric Measure
ST Set
SV Skid
SW Skein
SX Shipment
SY Square Yard
SZ Syringe
Glass or plastic barrels used to administer fluid medication under the skin, into a vein artery, or into a muscle
T0 Telecommunications Lines in Service
Snapshot sample of lines in service
T1 Thousand pounds gross
T2 Thousandths of an Inch
T3 Thousand Pieces
T4 Thousand Bags
T5 Thousand Casings
T6 Thousand Gallons
T7 Thousand Impressions
T8 Thousand Linear Inches
T9 Thousand Kilowatt Hours/Megawatt-Hour
TA Tenth Cubic Foot
TB Tube
TC Truckload
TD Therms
TE Tote
TF Ten Square Yards
TG Gross Ton
TH Thousand
TI Thousand Square Inches
TJ Thousand Sq. Centimeters
TK Tank
TL Thousand Feet (Linear)
TM Thousand Feet (Board)
TN Net Ton (2,000 LB).
TO Troy Ounce
TP Ten-pack
TQ Thousand Feet
TR Ten Square Feet
TS Thousand Square Feet
TT Thousand Linear Meters
TU Thousand Linear Yards
TV Thousand Kilograms
TW Thousand Sheets
TX Troy Pound
TY Tray
TZ Thousand Cubic Feet
U1 Treatments
U2 Tablet
A compressed or molded block of solid material; a collection of sheet paper glued together at one edge
U3 Ten
10 each of an item of supply
U5 Two Hundred Fifty
250 each of an item of supply
U6 U.S Gallons at 60 Degrees Fahrenheit
UA Torr
UB Telecommunications Lines in Service – Average
Average number of lines in service specific to equal access requirements
UC Telecommunications Ports
Number of network access ports
UD Tenth Minutes
Number of 6 second increments of usage
UE Tenth Hours
Number of 6 minute increments of usage
UF Usage per Telecommunications Line – Average
UH Ten Thousand Yards
UL Unitless
Unit of Measure for properties or test results without units of measure
UM Million Units
Measure used to indicate large quantities in multiples of one million
UN Unit
UP Troche
A flat, round, tablet made of a medicinal substance
UQ Wafer
A light, thin, crisp, cake
UR Application
An action of putting something into material contact
US Dosage Form
UT Inhalation
UU Lozenge
UV Percent Topical Only
A measure of medication intended only for external use
UW Milliequivalent
UX Dram (Minim)
UY Fifty Square Feet
UZ Fifty Count
V1 Flat
A shallow rectangular container frequently used for fruits and vegetables
V2 Pouch
V3 Mixed Module
A specially configured orderable product module
V4 Multipack
A group of trade items that are intended to be sold as a single consumer unit at the Point-of-Sale check-out
V5 Setpack
An orderable assortment of trade items, each of which may be sold individually at the Point-of-Sale check-out. The Setpack may also be sold.
V6 Prepack Assortment
An orderable standard assortment of trade items – each of which may be sold individually at the Point-of-Sale check-out. The Prepack Assortment itself is not sold at the Point-of-Sale check-out.
VA Volt-ampere per Kilogram
VC Five Hundred
500 each of an item of supply
VI Vial
VL Volume
VP Percent Volume
VR Volt-ampere-reactive
VS Visit
A quantitative measure of the number of visits to a provider by the patient
W2 Wet Kilo
Weight of product plus liquid solution
W7 Thimble Full
WA Watts per Kilogram
WB Wet Pound
WD Work Days
WE Wet Ton
WG Wine Gallon
WH Wheel
WI Weight per Square Inch
WK Week
WM Working Months
WP Pennyweight
WR Wrap
WW Milliliters of Water
X1 Chains (Land Survey)
X2 Bunch
A measure used to identify a group of like items grown or fastened together
X3 Clove
A measure used to identify a section of a separate bulb
X4 Drop
The smallest quantity of liquid heavy enough to form a spherical mass
X5 Head
A measure used for a rounded, compact mass of leaves, buds or flowers
X6 Heart
A measure used to identify the central or innermost physical part
X7 Leaf
A measure used to identify a usually green flattened structure of vascular plants processed for a particular purpose
X8 Loaf
A shaped mass of food cooked or prepared in one piece
X9 Portion
A measure used to identify a section or quantity within a larger thing
XP Base Box per Pound
Y1 Slice
A measure used to identify a thin broad piece cut from a larger object
Y2 Tablespoon
A measure equal to three teaspoons or a half fluid ounce
Y3 Teaspoon
A measure equal to five milliliters or one third tablespoon
Y4 Tub
A measure used to identify a storage container
YD Yard
YL 100 Lineal Yards
YR Years
YT Ten Yards
Z1 Lift Van
Z2 Chest
Z3 Cask
Z4 Hogshead
Z5 Lug
Z6 Conference Points
A participant on a conference call
Z7 13-pack Marketing
Z8 Newspaper Agate Line
Z9 14-pack Marketing
ZA Bimonthly
ZB Biweekly
ZC Semiannual
ZD Kilojoule
ZE Ping
Asian Measurement; 1 Ping = 3.3 square meters
ZF 16-pack Marketing
ZG 48-pack Component Parts
ZH 51-pack Component Parts
ZI 52-pack Component Parts
ZJ 60-pack Gift Packs
ZK 72-pack Gift Packs
ZL 83-pack Gift Packs
ZM 10-pack Marketing
ZN 120-pack Promotional
ZO 150-pack Component Parts
ZP Page
ZQ 200-pack Component Parts
ZR 1000-pack Component Parts
ZS 15-Pack
ZT Per Annum
ZU Mother Tincture (TM)
Mother tincture is for homeopathic preparation and is a liquid preparation obtained by the solvent action of a suitable vehicle upon raw materials. The raw materials are usually in the fresh form but may be dried. Mother tinctures for homeopathic preparations may also be obtained from plant juices, with, or without the addition of a vehicle.
ZV Nanogram
Nanogram is one billionth (1/1,000,000,000) of a gram
ZW Barrel, Dry
ZX Barrel, Liquid
ZY Apothecary Scruple
ZZ Mutually Defined

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