X12N Version 7030TM

X12N Version 7030 – TR3 Public Review and Comment Process FAQs

X12N Version 7030 FAQs are provided to assist parties involved in health care regarding the upcoming industry review of the X12N version 7030 transaction standards. The goal is to heighten industry awareness, provide a foundational understanding of the X12N Version 7030 process, and encourage and support bodies and institutions in their participation.

What is version 7030?

Version 7030 refers to the next major release of electronic health care administrative transaction standards developed by the Insurance Subcommittee (N) of X12, a national accredited standards committee. Version 7030 includes those transactions adopted under HIPAA (as version 5010) as well as those that were not adopted by regulation.

What is a TR3?

A TR3, or Technical Report Type 3, is an X12 publication which defines details such as the structure, syntax, and business rules pertinent to an X12 electronic health care administrative transaction. TR3s are often referred to as implementation guides.

What is the purpose of the version 7030 public review and comment period?

The purpose of the X12N public review and comment period is to give the health care industry an opportunity to review and submit feedback on the draft version of each 7030 TR3 prior to its publication. The public review and comment period is a critical phase in ensuring that the proposed X12 transaction standards are technically and operationally sound and meet the business needs of the health care industry.

Do I need to make any changes at this time?

No action or change is required at this time. This communication is simply to heighten EDI Academy awareness and understanding of the X12N version 7030 public review and comment process and encourage our customers to participate.

When are the Version 7030 TR3s scheduled for public review and comment?

The Public Review and Comment Period is composed of seven staggered cycles. One or more TR3s will be made available for review in each cycle.

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