Xerox EDI Trading Partner Testing Procedures

Xerox EDI Trading PartnerXerox EDI Trading Partner testing requires trading partners to engage in two phases of testing for each payer/transaction type. Find below Xerox EDI Trading Partner testing steps.

  1. Go to the Xerox EDI Direct website to download the applicable Companion Guides which details Payer Business Edits and requirements.
  2. Each Trading Partner must enroll with Xerox EDI Direct to add payers and transactions to your new or existing profile. Complete the Trading Partner Enrollment form online. Review your form to ensure you have filled out all applicable sections. The Trading Partner Enrollment Form will be submitted directly to the Xerox EDI Direct Commercial Enrollment Unit.
  3. After successful enrollment, Xerox EDI Direct will send you an e-mail with your logon credentials.
  4. The Trading Partner contacts Xerox EDI Direct Commercial Support Team to arrange a testing schedule.
  5. If the Trading Partner is new to Xerox EDI Direct, an analyst will work with the Trading Partner to engage in Edifecs-SpecBuilder testing phase. An analyst will process the Trading Partners test file through Edifecs-SpecBuilder and communicate any errors identified during this testing phase. The Trading Partner is required to address any errors discovered by Edifecs-SpecBuilder during the compliance analysis prior to moving on to the next stage of testing with Xerox EDI Direct.
  6. The Trading Partner will participate in Phase Two of testing. All test files must contain at least 10 claims. The Trading Partner then submits a test file to Xerox EDI Direct. The Trading Partner will notify the analyst that a test file has been submitted via e-mail at Please include your Trading Partner ID and the Xerox EDI Direct file confirmation number in your e-mail.
  7. The analyst evaluates flow of test data through the Xerox EDI Direct clearinghouse.
  8.  If test cases are completed successfully, the analyst contacts the Trading Partner and the Trading Partner is approved and scheduled for placement into the production environment. If the testing entity is a software vendor, they will be required to provide a list of submitters using the approved software package.
  9. If test cases are unsuccessful, the analyst will contact the Trading Partner. The Trading Partner will remain in the testing environment until test cases are completed successfully.

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