Xerox EDI transmission

Xerox EDI transmission methods: Secure FTP/MOVEit DMZ

Xerox EDI transmission methods for Trading Partners include the following: Xerox EDI Direct, FTPs or sFTP, MOVEit DMZ, WINASAP5010.

Xerox EDI transmission is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This availability is subject to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance downtime. It is operational policy to schedule preventative maintenance periods on weekends whenever possible.


MOVEit DMZ allows you to transport data across the Internet via secure FTP. To submit data using MOVEit DMZ, you must first enroll with Xerox EDI Direct. After successfully enrolling with Xerox EDI Direct, you will receive a trading partner ID. If you choose to submit your files via Secure FTP or Move-IT DMZ, contact the Commercial Support Team.

There are two methods available for using MOVEit DMZ:

  • Upload files through a secure website This is a web site that users can use to view the content of their folders and to transfer one file at a time, through the use of the https protocol.
  • Send and receive files via Secure FTP client. There is a DNS entry set-up for that points to our MOVEit DMZ ftp server, which users reference when connecting to the ftp server using an ftp client such as MOVEit Freely. MOVEit Freely is a free secure FTP client available for download at For example, “ftps -z -d -t:5 -e:implicit -user:XXXXXXXXX -password:XXXXXXXXXX” can be specified when connecting to MOVEit DMZ using MOVEit Freely.

Here are the steps to submit files via SFTP once a MOVEit userid and password are assigned:

  1. Go to URL: <<>> using the Xerox EDI Direct supplied user-id and password. The initial login will force you to reset the password.
  2. Download ftp client MOVEit Freely from <<>>. Review the documentation for MOVEit Freely.
  3. Use the following command to connect to our ftp server: “ftps -z -d -t:5 -e:implicit -user:XXXXXXX -password:XXXXXXXXX”. Please note that this is a very generic connection string and additional switches may need to be supplied based on what it is the user wants to do.
  4. Instructions with folder structures will be provided to navigate for submitting data files or retrieving data files.

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