Zappos EDI Documents Description and Requirements

Zappos EDI Documents descriptions and notes are given for exhisting or potential EDI vendors. Zappos EDI Documents requirements must be analized and implemented by vendoring comapnies.

856 Advance Ship Notice—ASN (SH)

Zappos EDI DocumentsThe ASN should be sent within 2 hours of the shipment leaving the Vendor’s dock. The ASN does not replace the Routing Request process. All POs must be approved by the Zappos Inbound Logistics team. Refer to page 24 for the Routing Request process. When the ASN’s REF01 code is BX the REF02 should contain the Dispatch Number provided the Zappos Inbound Logistics team. This number is dynamic and required for all shipments. If the dispatch number is incorrect it will fail in our system. Only one ASN should be used for the entire shipment. Do not ship multiple ASNs for one single shipment. Indicate either small parcel shipment or LTL/TL shipments as the carrier type. Only one carrier type should be used. When a small parcel carrier is used, the lead tracking number should be included in the REF02 and the individual carton numbers should be used in each corresponding MAN05.

810 Invoice (IN)

Invoices should be sent at the time the shipment leaves. Zappos expects to receive the ASN and the Invoice at the same time. The Vendor ID number must be included on the REF02 segment of the invoice and it must match the Vendor ID received on the PO. Each UPC/EAN should only be used one (1) time on each invoice.

997 Functional Acknowledgement (FA)

Zappos sends a rejected 997 message for document failures. Failed documents are not processed through our system. In addition to sending a rejected 997, Zappos emails your company’s EDI Contact (as listed in the Zappos system) an Error Notification. It includes specific details regarding the EDI failure and re-transmittal request. Have your EDI Contact review these notifications right away as all EDI transactions are time-sensitive. Failure to send correct EDI messages will be tracked and may lead to potential chargebacks. The EDI Contact from your company must be capable of correcting and resending EDI messages.

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