Zappos EDI Photo Purchase Orders Definition And Notes

Zappos EDI Photo Purchase Orders are available for new adult apparel product only. Zappos EDI Photo Purchase Orders are only created by the Zappos Buyer. A Photo Purchase Order (Photo PO) is an independent PO devised to send merchandise directly from the supplier to the Zappos Photo Studio for imaging and gathering of product information. It is later shipped by Zappos to its respective Fulfillment Centers.

Upon creation by the buyer, Zappos EDI Photo Purchase Orders will be transmitted via an EDI 850 document in the same manner as the bulk EDI PO. The Start Ship Date of a Photo PO will be the same Start Ship Date as the bulk EDI PO of like items. Once approved for routing by Zappos Inbound Logistics, EDI Photo POs will be assigned to ship Next Day Air so that they will be processed prior to the bulk PO arriving at its respective Fulfillment Center.

A 100% fill rate on the initial Photo PO Routing Request is required. Maximizing unit quantities from a single PO into as few shipping cartons as possible is strongly encouraged. However, please do not mix product of different POs within the same carton. No exceptions.

Packaging: All units should adhere to all of the same packaging guidelines found on pages 15-21. Units in the Photo PO must be sellable merchandise, NOT sample units.

Labeling: All units should adhere to the same labeling guidelines.

Identifying a Photo PO from a regular PO: See image below.

Zappos EDI Photo Purchase Orders

  • The PO description will say Photo PO.
  • The PO Type is set to Photo PO.
  • The Current FC Destination is set to LAS2.

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