Zappos EDI Transactions

Zappos EDI Transactions Description and Requirements

Zappos EDI Transactions descriptions and notes are given for exhisting or potential EDI vendors. Zappos EDI Transactions requirements must be analized and implemented by vendoring comapnies.

850 Purchase Order

Prior to receiving any orders, please complete the EDI testing and certification process. Paper and email orders are not valid and cannot be accepted. To prevent confusion and duplicate shipments, POs will only be sent once and will not be re-sent. Zappos 860s will be used to communicate ALL PO changes.The PO number can contain up to twenty-two (22) alphanumeric characters. The Vendor ID number is included on the REF02 segment within the PO. The Vendor ID number is used to uniquely identify individual suppliers in the Zappos system. This number is assigned by Zappos and required on the 856 and 810.

860 PO Change (PC)

860s are used as a method of communicating Zappos Buyer-initiated change requests. Shipments must be sent to the address included on the 850 or 860. Shipping address change requests may be communicated by Zappos prior to the ship date.

855 PO Acknowledgement (PR)

An 855 is required within two (2) business days or 48 hours of initial receipt of the Zappos 850. Zappos requires the UPC/EAN, the quantity, and the price to be acknowledged on the line item level. Backorder information/request(s) are not accepted on the 855. Only one shipment per PO. If an item is not available for shipment within the requested shipping window, notate “AC” (Acknowledge – With Detail and Change) on the BAC02 segment and pick one of the two options below:

  • Request a date change for the entire order by updating the new start ship date information in the DTM segment.
  • Cancel the item that is not available from the current order, notating the item’s appropriate status code on the ACK01, and contact your Zappos Buyer to request a separate PO for the item.

Only the Start Ship Date can be requested to be changed. If an unforeseen circumstance causes the need to update the Purchase Order after the original 855, a second 855 should be sent at least seven (7) business days before the Start Ship Date. Please note that multiple 855s will be considered an infraction and may lead to potential chargebacks.

The exception to a second 855 is if a Zappos 860 change contains order information that a Vendor cannot fulfill. For example, a Zappos 860 requests the quantity of an item from 500 units ordered to 1000 units and the Vendor does not have the inventory to fulfill the change request.

An 855 (in response to an 860) is not expected if an 855 has already been received by Zappos. The exception is if a Vendor cannot meet any part of the change request. For example: A Zappos 860 requests the ship window changes from April to March and the Vendor knows the inventory will not be available to fill until April. At this point, an 855 can be sent indicating a change back to the original ship window of April.

A Zappos 860 requests to add units that cannot be shipped. At this point, an 855 can be sent indicating the change was rejected – ACK01 = IR. A Zappos 860 requests to add 100 units, but only 60 units are available to ship. At this point, an 855 can be sent indicating a quantity change from 100 units to 60 units – ACK01 = IQ. A Zappos 860 is received for a UPC/EAN change and it is incorrect. At this point, an 855 can be sent indicating the UPC/EAN is invalid – ACK01 = R2. If the Vendor style or UPC/EAN is incorrect, then use ACK01 = R2 and provide the correct number in the PO107 segment.

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