Zappos EDI

Zappos EDI Basics And Requirements

Zappos EDI program demands all vendors to use EDI and comply with the EDI requirements / testing described herein and all updated versions of Zappos EDI policy. In order to complete new Zappos EDI setup requests, Zappos must have the following information from vendor:

  • Signed Vendor Agreement on file.
  • Vendor company’s EDI contact information (name, phone number, email address).

Consult with your Zappos Merchandising contact to ensure these necessary steps have taken place before making your request. Zappos is unable to begin EDI testing until the steps above have been completed.

Zappos Merchandising requires the following transaction sets:

  • 810 – Invoice
  • 850 – Purchase Order
  • 855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • 860 – Purchase Order Change
  • 856 – Advance Shipment Notice (ASN’s) including SSCC-18 information
  • GS1‐128 Shipping Label

Testing Certification and Routing Request Portal Implementation

Zappos EDI Merchandising uses OpenText/GXS (formerly Inovis) as its VAN, and ZZ /ZAPPOSKY as its EDI  Qualifier/ID for production. For all setup, migration, or mappings changes Zappos will need your VAN and Qualifier/ID and EDI Contact information so the comapny can setup the trading partnership. Be sure to include both the brand and the supplier you are representing as it appears in the Zappos system in the subject line of your e-mail. Failure to do this will cause a delay in the setup process as Zappos will be unable to identify which brand/supplier you represent.

The purpose of the Zappos Routing Request Portal is to make the business cooperation easier and more effective. Zappos will a reference document that illustrates how to access and navigate through the Zappos Routing Request Portal. What will vendors use the Routing Portal for? To submit Routing Requests for new shipments, save shipments you are working on but not ready to submit, submit additional Purchase Orders to “approved” open shipments, view current shipment status and view history of all the shipments you have created within the portal.

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