Zappos GS1-128 Shipping Label (Carton Label) Notes And Examples

Zappos GS1-128 Shipping Label level detail should match the items inside the carton. A SSCC-18 barcode needs to be used for each carton and must match the 856 (MAN02). Each carton should only have one SSCC-18 barcode – no other scannable codes (besides the PO#) should be included on the carton. The Zappos GS1-128 Shipping Label must include both the human-readable and scannable PO number format. The label must specify the product type that was included in the PO on the REF02 segment. Inaccuracies or missing labels will result in a delay of receipt of product and/or payment. The label must include mandatory fields. See sample of the SSCC-18/GS1-128 Carton
Label below.

Zappos GS1-128 Shipping LabelZappos GS1-128 Shipping Label

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