Zappos Routing Request Portal

Zappos Routing Request Portal (Shipping Guides)

Zappos Routing Request Portal serves for all shipments to be approved by the Inbound Logistics team. This includes UPS and other small parcel carriers as well as Vendor paid shipments. Failure to submit a Routing Request and comply with the carrier assignment may result in chargebacks.

A shipment is not approved to ship until a Dispatch Number has been assigned to the Routing Request. As of January 1, 2013, Zappos only accepts and processes Routing Requests submitted via Zappos Routing Request Portal. Requests must be submitted at least one (1) business day prior to the Ready to Ship Date.

Ship to Address: All Purchase Orders (Domestic & International Shipments) must ship to the address that appears on the Zappos Purchase Order (or to any other address Zappos authorizes in writing or through the Zappos Vendor Portal).

For Domestic Shipments, below is the information to be included on the Routing Request:

  • Valid Zappos Merchandising Purchase Order Number (1‐22 alphanumeric characters)
  • Accurate total number of cartons per Purchase Order
  • Accurate total number of units of product per Purchase Order
  • Total actual weight in pounds (lbs.) per Purchase Order
  • Cubic feet per Purchase Order: Formula for cubic feet: (L” x W” x H”) / 1728 x number of cartons = total cubic feet
  • Accurate Ready to Ship Date
  • The address and shipping hours of the pick-up location (e.g., supplier warehouse, port)
  • Origin contact person with e-mail address and phone number.

Zappos does not require packing lists for its domestic inbound shipments. However, if it is part of vendor standard routine to attach or include a packing slip with your Purchase Order, he can do so. Deviation from the number of cartons/units approved to ship and the number of cartons/units actually shipped must be verified by vendor/shipper via email to within 24 hours after shipment has departed their facility. Failure to notify of any discrepancies may result in chargeback and/or return at vendor’s expense.

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