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December 7-14, 2020  Webinar, For All
December 7-14, 2020  Webinar, HIPAA
January 25 - February 1, 2021  Webinar, For All
January 25 - February 1, 2021  Webinar, HIPAA
March 8-15, 2021  Webinar, For All
March 8-15, 2021  Webinar, HIPAA
April 19-26, 2021  Webinar, For All
April 19-26, 2021  Webinar, HIPAA
May 24 - June 1, 2021  Webinar, For All
May 24 - June 1, 2021  Webinar, HIPAA
July 12-19, 2021  Webinar, For All
July 12-19, 2021  Webinar, HIPAA
August 16-23, 2021  Webinar, For All
August 16-23, 2021  Webinar, HIPAA
September 27 - October 4, 2021  Webinar, For All
September 27 - October 4, 2021  Webinar, HIPAA
November 8-15, 2021  Webinar, For All
November 8-15, 2021  Webinar, HIPAA
December 10-17, 2021  Webinar, For All
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Why You Should Attend EDI Training!

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Custom on-site training:

The EDI Academy provides onsite training classes designed to give a foundation of practical knowledge about EDI applications and how they apply to your business. We start with the basics and then focus in on issues that are pertinent to your organization.

The benefits of utilizing EDI Academy onsite classes include:

  • Save time and money by having affordable training at your facility.
  • Classes are scheduled at your request and we do our best to accommodate your schedule.
  • Training is tailored to your environment and requests, you do not waste time on topics that are not of interest.
  • You have the opportunity to consult with an expert that has implemented EDI for a number of companies and trading partners.

To inquire about onsite training courses please email: info@ediacademy.com or call (877) EDI-6484

What our customers are saying about our custom on-site training:

I had taken the training course offered by the EDI Academy several years ago, and had thought at the time that this was exactly what I needed when I first began working in EDI. When I hired new team members in the past, I immediately looked for the next available training from the EDI Academy and got the new hire signed up as soon as I was able. This winter our team found ourselves with several new members, so we started looking into the customized on-site training options to save time and travel expenses.

Our instructor, Michael, contacted me directly to address our needs. We were able to schedule a class at our location in Reading, PA for the end of January. Michael worked with me before the training to get our individual business requirements and the transactions that we wanted addressed specifically. I sent him the implementation guides for the transactions that we use the most, and he tailored the training to focus on those areas. We provided the location, and the EDI Academy provided all of the training materials.

Because the costs covered up to 20 individuals, we were able to offer the course to more IT staff members in our other business units. Word quickly spread, and I soon had several non-IT employees also asking to attend. In total, we ended up with almost 20 attendees, from about 7 or 8 departments - from IT developers to business unit managers, from IT infrastructure to end users.

Besides being incredibly knowledgeable, Michael was very reliable. Being January in Pennsylvania, the weather decided to not cooperate and we got a bad snow storm the evening before the class started and into the first day. Michael's flight into Philadelphia was cancelled. He found another flight into a different airport, about an hour away from our location, and arrived at almost midnight. The rental car location was closed by then, so he had to stay overnight in that city. Despite all of this, Michael still managed to be at our office the next morning an hour before our class started! This was a tremendous weight off my shoulders and the rest of the two day training was a breeze for me!

On Day 1 of our training, Michael gave an excellent overall perspective on how EDI works, the advantages of using EDI and different options for implementing EDI. On Day 2, he lead an in-depth discussion and "dissection" of the EDI transactions that our company uses the most. In the end, everyone was able to come away with a basic understanding of EDI in general, and a detailed understanding of EDI's place in our corporation. All attendees received a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used in the class, a custom course booklet and a certificate of completion. Several people have the certificates displayed on their desks, and one business unit manager commented that he wanted a t-shirt saying "I Heart EDI"!

Thank you for all of your hard work, Michael! The training was worth it's weight in gold!

Angela DeLong
Applications Development Manager
UGI Energy Services, Inc.

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