About The EDI Training Academy

EDI Academy was founded in 2007 to provide education and certification to EDI stakeholders and to elevate the adoption of EDI by providing training, certification, networking and job opportunities. Since then, EDI Academy has trained over 10,000 attendees worldwide and offers dozens of EDI training classes and certifications encompassing the entire business and technical side of EDI, including supply-chain, retail, HIPAA X12, and EDIFACT.

EDI Academy offers superior training for all stages of an EDI career, whether it be those new to EDI or experienced EDI professionals seeking to advance with the latest industry trends.

Initially, we offered only private training and custom EDI courses and consulting to organizations. Since 2007, the EDI Academy has been offering public training courses nationwide.

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Our Instructors

EDI training classes are taught by highly-qualified EDI professionals. All of them have at least 10 years of industry experience. Our instructors have worked in many roles, including finance, supply chain management, education, manufacturing, retail, aerospace, healthcare, automotive and information technology. All have real-world experience and a track record of success in EDI implementations, from leading enterprise teams at Fortune 500 companies to launching entrepreneurial startups.

Our Founder

Michael Kotoyan

Michael Kotoyan has implemented EDI for several Fortune 500 companies including PETCO a national retail chain with over 1000 stores where he was able to bring EDI compliance to 99% of the supply chain. He founded the EDI Academy in 2007 through which he has provided EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices training for hundreds of companies worldwide. He is the author of "EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices" and has written extensively on realizing strategic business goals through EDI Automation.

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