Why Chose EDI Academy

Businesses are turning to EDI for a variety of compelling reasons, including cost savings, workflow and productivity efficiencies, demands from trading partners, and in some cases, regulatory mandates. Whatever the reason, it is clear that having a fundamental understanding of what EDI is, what it can do, and how companies can leverage it to their greatest advantage will place you in a unique position within your organization.

Typically, organizations learn by doing. They attempt to implement a partial EDI solution by hiring an outside consultant or vendor. But without a broad understanding of what EDI is and where it fits in the larger scheme of things, time, money, and effort are almost inevitably wasted. It is very difficult to hire a consultant or purchase a vendor's product when you don't really know what you're buying. Costly and frustrating mistakes often lead to essential projects being abandoned; what could have been a competitive advantage becomes a total loss.

There is a better solution. It is EDI Academy's unique two-day training course called "EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices." After attending this course, you will have a solid understanding of what EDI is, how companies use it, and how to make EDI work to solve your company's specific business challenges. Your most important take-away understanding will be the when properly done, EDI is about business solutions, not about technology. We'll show you why successful EDI projects start anywhere but the IT department.

This course is well suited to anyone interested in learning about how EDI can have a major and positive impact on their business, whether you are a CEO, CFO, department manager or IT person. Prepare for a successful implementation now with The EDI Academy.