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The EDI quiz page will constantly be updated with new questions, so check back often. This quiz is not intended to reflect the course agenda of the EDI Academy Courses. This is just a fun quiz to test one’s EDI knowledge. For more information about the course agenda, please visit the Course Information Page

Select the best answer for each question:

What does the term "mailbag" refer to in EDI operations?

Small bag used in the shipment of express mail which contain implementation guidelines.
Messaging that contains EDI batches that must be sent between interconnecting VANs for tracking purposes.
Temporary Storage area of data on the VAN until retrieved by trading partner.
A tool that allows network communications between processes both locally and over a wide area network.

What protocol does AS2 use?

All of the above

What is EDIFACT?

An EDI standards group based group out of Canada.
An international standards body group used everywhere in the world except North America.
Set of standards designed for EDI developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.
Set of standards designed for EDI developed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

What does the term "MDN" refer to in EDIINT usage?

Message Disposition Notification confirming data transmitted successfully.
Functional EDI Acknowledgement.
Message Deliver Notification of EMAIL.
A 10 Digit Mobile Directory Number used in the ISA – 06 Segment.

When your telecommunications provider asks you to send invoices electronically which Transaction Set ID are you most likely to use?

None of the above

Which of the following is a security option available for AS2?

RSA/TLS 128bit
Triple-DES (3DES)

(X) is a data requirement designator that indicates usage is?

Max Use

Which of the following is not a subset of the X12 standards?


The Application Advice (824) is a general transaction set that accepts, rejects, or identifies errors in the content of any transaction set beyond normal syntax checks. It replaces the need for transactions such as the 997 Acknowledgement, 855 PO Acknowledgement, or the 827 Financial Return Notice.


In the 997 Acknowledgement the AK4 segment is used to:

Report errors in a data segment and identify the location of the data segment.
Report errors in a data element and identify the location of the data element.
Indicate whether a document is rejected or accepted.
None of the above.

Which X12 segment is most likely to contain the SSCC code used in the UCC-128 Label?


Scenario: A supplier plans to create one ASN for multiple purchase orders. How should the supplier structure the ASN?

Shipment, Order, Packaging, Item
Shipment, Order, Item
Shipment, Packaging, Order, Item
None of the above

Scenario: In order to make payments, instead of printing and mailing checks, a company decided to implement (EFT) Electronic Funds Transfer and related EDI transactions such as the 820 Remittance Advice. This company will take a hit on interest earned because now the funds are going to be withdrawn from their bank account faster because it's 'electronic' and it will effect the float time of cash.


Which EDIFACT segment is similar to the ISA segment in X12:

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